We love seeing new faces!
Here’s a few answers to some questions we’re sure you’ll have


  • What is it like? We like to think of it like a lively and loving church with a deep appreciation for our heritage, but a great vision for the future.
  • What about my kids? Nursery is provided most Sundays for ages 3-5. We ask that other children remain in the sanctuary.
  • Where do I park? Parking is available all around the building. There is also designated senior citizen parking in front of the main entrance.
  • What do I wear? As far as current attendees, most range from modest clothing in the form jeans/slacks and nice shirts to dresses and suits. 
  • How can I get connected? Sunday School and Wednesday Night Services are of course classic ways. If your shy though and those fail just send us a message or email and we'd be glad to help get you connected and serving.